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The Linker in the Khoisan Languages

Chris Collins

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  • Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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  • ISBN13: 9780190921361


The linker introduces (links) a variety of expressions into the verb phrase, including locatives, the second object of a double object construction, the second object of a causative, instruments, subject matter arguments, and adverbs. This volume collects together Chris Collins's published
work on the linker in the Khoisan languages. Here, Collins offers a systematic description of the linker in ǂHo�, Ju'hoan, Nuu, and to a lesser extent !Xo� and Xam. For each language, Collins illustrates various uses of the linker, drawing attention to cross-linguistic generalizations as well as
to variation between the languages. The work presented in this volume should be of interest to researchers working in a wide variety of syntactic frameworks on different languages of the world.

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